Clearing Browsers cache

If District pages look old or funny or appear not to work:

The main issue here is the new district site is employing some different cache
techniques to make the site faster.  Just so you know that every 30 minutes on 15's and 45's the cache is being cleared. When site authors edit a page they will see an immediate change, but when they log out they may not see the change. That is because the site cache routine hasn't cleared.

If they want to immediately see the change they must clear their browser cache.

On internet explorer if they hold down CTRL + F5 while in their browser it will clear the browser cache and they will see the immediate change.

On FireFox if they hold down SHIFT + F5 that will clear the browser cache. Or go to History > Clear Recent History > Set the time range and details (clear cookies and cache) > Click Clear Now

*If you want to share with your users, they can make sure they are getting the latest page by changing some settings on their browser and they won't have to worry about cached pages:

  • On Internet Explorer Click on Tools > Internet Options > Under the General Tab click the Settingsbutton > Insure that Every visit to the page is clicked and the click OK > Then Click apply.
  • On FireFox click on Firefox Preferences > Click the Advanced Tab > Click the Cache Tab > Click the Network Tab > Use up to 0 MB of disk space for the cache' should be set. If there is a number there, put a zero in there instead. > Then click Clear Cache Now button to insure you 'cleaned out' the cache

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