How do I link an image to a new window featuring a PDF?

Linking an Image to a PDF

  • Add the HTML module
  • Create image and add to the HTML module
  • To use an image, it has to be uploaded to the site

Adding Images
To use an image, it has to be uploaded to the site.
  • Click the 'Insert Media' icon (could look like a paperclip, mountain, or an arrow)
  • Click 'Insert Media'

  • Select folder
  • Click 'Upload'

  • Click 'Select'
  • Browse Computer to find resized image
  • After image is selected click 'Upload'

  • Click 'Properties' under image if a border or sizing is needed
  • Otherwise click 'Insert'

  • Connect the chain between Width & Height for correct proportions
  • Click Image Alignment to wrap the text
  • Optional add border color, width, Alt text, and Long Description
  • Click 'Insert'
  • To return to the image editor right click on the image while in the edit mode of the HTML module

Connecting Image to PDF

  • Click save to place image in HTML, then come back into the module to 'Edit Content'
  • Click on the image
  • Click 'Document Manager' (note this could be a separate icon on your HTML tool bar)

  • Find file
  • Either use PDF already in folder or 'Upload' new PDF

Upload a new PDF:
  • Click 'Upload'
  • Click 'Select'
  • Browse the computer to find the PDF desired
  • Click 'Open'
  • Click 'Upload'
PDF Selected:
  • Click from 'Target' drop-down select 'New Window'
  • Click 'Insert'
  • Click 'Save'
Now once the image is clicked on, the PDF will open in a new browser window.

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