What module do I use for Podcasting?

Podcasting?  Use the Alive Media Module!


Important - All videos need to be converted to flash. (flv format)

Module is used to show videos and audio podcasts without the RSS feed.  Before you load a movie, it needs to be converted to Flash (320 X 240)

The below software can be used to convert video files:

Alive Media Module:  Allows the user to display multimedia such as mp3, jpg, or flash video files.
  • Hover the cursor over the 'Module' menu option in the left-hand corner.  This pop-up window will appear.

  • Select 'All Categories'
  • Select 'Alive Media Module'
  • Type in Title
  • Select Pane Location
  • Add Module

Once added select 'Settings' from the module drop-down to configure.

  • Click on the 'Alive Media Player Settings' tab
  • Select 'Multimedia Player'
  • Select 'Single File'
  • Find Staff Folder
  • Click 'Upload New File'
*Note:  All videos need to be converted to FLASH (FLV)

  • Click 'Choose File'  - browse to find converted FLV file
  • Click 'Upload Selected File'

  • After uploaded change the Width and Height (320 X 240)
  • Optional:  Autostart, Repeat, etc.

  • Optional Background color, will need to use color coding numbers
  • Can create a preview image to use, select Staff Folder, Choose Image, Upload New File (Note:  If no preview image is available the box will be black until and image is added)
  • Click 'Update'

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