How to add the Social Media Template

Social Media Templates

- Before adding the Social Media template to your webpage visit the file containing both the content.DNNHTML.HortizontalConnect.xml and the content.DNNHTML.VerticalCONNECT.xml.

ADM>File Management>Root>Templates (make sure to click on the Templates folder)

*After you click on the folder, the system sees the files.  Now you will be able to import the Social Media template. 

Connect Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook to the website!
Two social media templates have been added to the schools.  To utilize this feature it is suggested to add them to the Prefooter Panes.  There is a vertical and a horizontal template available.

  • Add the HTML Module
  • Title the Module
  • Select the Pane:  Highly suggested use the PreFooter Panes, several PreFooter Options are available
  • Click 'Add Module'

  • Click on 'Import Content' from the Module drop-down menu

  • Find the 'Templates Folder'
  • Select the syle either 'HorizontalConnect.xmt.' or 'Vertical CONNECT.xml'
  • Click 'Import'

Eliminate/add icons:

Editing the 'Connect HTML' module

  • Click 'Edit Content'

  • Edit the Content & Update the URL for the Image to navigate to the school pages
  • Click on the Icon
  • Click the 'Hyperlink'

  • Copy the URL of the Social Media and paste into the URL Bar
  • Choose "New Window'
  • Click 'OK'

Change Module Container to blend into the PreFooter Pane:

  • Click on 'Settings' of the HTML module

  • Click on the 'Module Settings' tab
  • Check 'Display Module On All Pages' (only do this if you want the 'Connect' module to display in the same location on all pages)

  • Click on the 'Page Settings' tab

  • Scroll down to 'Module Container' select:

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