Adding a Table to the HTML Module:
Tables in the HTML module function much the same way as tables in word processing software.  Tables are useful for creating columns of text, and aligning text with images.
  • In the Rich Text Editor, position the cursor where you want to insert the table.
  • click the 'Insert Table' icon
  • Click 'Table Wizard'

  • The Table Wizard box appears and you can set the table properties, and adjust the number of columns/rows from the 'Table Design' tab.

  • To add or remove columns and rows, click on the plus or minus signs next to Columns or Rows
  • Click 'OK' to insert the table
  • Table cells will at first appear condensed.  The width of cells adjusts automatically as you add data plus you can add padding and spacing from the 'Table Properties' tab.

Customizing the table further by using the other tabs Table Properties, Cell Properties, and Accessibility.  To customize after adding the table click anywhere inside the table and right click.

  • Click on 'Style Builder' for more options

The HTML 'Table Properties' allow you to adjust the height and width, add borders and shading, set cell spacing, padding, set text alignment within cells, and set other properties.

Below 'Accessibility Tab' screen-shot:

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