Ventrian Gallery Module (formally known as Simple Gallery) supports multi-albums, tagging, bulk uploading and advanced functionality includes approval of photo(s), albums, search integration tags and syndication via RSS.  The key to the module is “Simplicity”, a key differentiator between this module and similar photo modules available.

Adding the Module:

  •  Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select ‘Ventrian Gallery’
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane (suggest Right Wide Pane) 
  • Add Module

Adding Album(s):

  • Click the pencil in front of ‘Untitled Album'
  • Rename the ‘Title’
  • Once first album added user can add multiple child album(s) by selecting a ‘Parent Album’ when adding new albums
  • Add ‘Description’
  • Optional under ‘Advanced Settings’
    •  Is Album Public
    • Can set ‘Create Date’
  • Also this area allows the user to ‘Delete’ entire album
  • Click ‘Update’ 

  •  To continue adding albums click ‘Add New Album’
  • Can be a new separate album, or a child album of previous made albums

Adding Photos:

  • Click ‘Add New Photo’

  • Select ‘Album’ photo(s) belong to (or user can ‘Create New Album’ from this location)
  • Loading a picture, select ‘Existing Album’ and then click ‘Next’

  • Click ‘Select Images’
  • ‘Browse’ computer to find one or more images and click ‘Open’
  • Images will appear once loaded
  • Click ‘Next’

Photo(s) Options include:

  •  Add ‘Title’ of photo or add ‘Batch Operations’ for all photos which will add the ‘Tags’
  • Add ‘Description’
  • Add ‘Tags’
  • Click ‘Save All’ when finished


Note:  Good idea to have all images the same width and height (640 X 480).  This will make the album much more enjoyable to view.

To Edit or Delete Photo:

  • Click the pencil in front of the Title
  • Click ‘All Albums’ to return to the web page

Web Page will show one picture from each album.  Viewers will select which album to view by clicking on the picture.

There are additional module components for the Ventrian Gallery that can be used on additional web pages see ‘Additional Modules Guide’ for more information.

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