Live Gallery Module for a simple Image Gallery

Live Gallery Module:  Creates a simple Image Gallery with unlimited albums, photos, nested albums, drag-n-drop sorting, and automatic thumbnails.  For Demos of each see links under Guide & Demos on TechHub.
  • Add the ‘Live Gallery’ module
  • Title the module
  • Select the Pane
  • Click 'Add Module'
Quick Start:
  • Begin by clicking on Add Images link below Live Gallery Module
  • Click Add Album to create a new album if desired, otherwise just add images for a Simple Gallery
  • If the user created an album select an album and use either the Browse Image or Upload Image option to add images to the album
  • Click Update to save all changes

It's quick and easy to setup a simple gallery with Live Gallery. You can simply upload a many images without creating any albums at all.
Create unlimited Album Galleries with unlimited number of images. 
Albums can be created within albums to create unlimited Nested Albums
Combinations of Albums and Images can exist on the same page. 


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