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Social Media Guidelines

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Please fill out the following form about the Social Media tool you are submitting for review. Please then send the completed form via FirstClass to your school or department’s SocAdmin conference.

The School District reserves the right to monitor any content posted by an employee on the web as described, but not limited to, the bulleted items listed above. Users who violate the guidelines may be subject to discipline. If you have any questions about the guidelines or a specific posting on the web, please contact the District Communications.

By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to follow the Omaha Public School District’s Social Media Guidelines.

Name of the Administrator of the Social Media page * This needs to be a staff member of the Omaha Public Schools. This person will also be the point of contact if questions arise about the use of the Social Media tool for the Activity, Grade Level, or School, District Department .

What social media tool you will be utilizing? * Fill in the name i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc that will be used.

Name of Social Media page * This would be the Activity, Grade Level, or School, District Department that you will be utilizing the Social Media tool for.

Primary use and purpose of the tool

* Please specify the reason that the social media tool is needed for your activity.

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