OPS Step 4: Adding a Staff Member as Content Creator or Manager


Adding a Staff Member as Content Creator or Manager


1. Login to Facebook with your Social Admin account:


Note: This should be the Facebook account associated with your OPS email account.

2. Click on the gear on the far right of the screen.

3. Click on Create Page.


Note: Since social admins are the only staff that will create Facebook pages, this documentation shows a school social admin creating a page for a staff member.

4. When the Admin panel screen displays, click on the Edit Page button. Move your mouse down to click on Manage Admin Roles.

5. Type in the work email address of the teacher or staff member choose either the

Content Creator or Manager option. In this example, the social administrator is making the staff member a Content Creator.


6. Click the Save button.

7. Facebook will ask for your social admin password to add the teacher or staff member as a content creator or manager.


8. Click the Confirm button.

9. The staff member will appear as either a Content Creator or Manager. This example demonstrates setting up a staff member as a Content Creator.

10. This will generate an email to the teacher that looks similar to this one.

11. After logging into Facebook, the staff member will be able to accept the invitation to be an admin or content creator on their page.

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