Promethean Tools (ActivBoard)

Toolboxes and Toolbars

This section gives an overview of the tools and functions available in ActivInspire's toolboxes and toolbars:

  • Main Toolbox
  • Pen Tray (ActivInspire Primary)
  • Dual Pen Tray (ActivInspire Primary)
  • Fill Tray (ActivInspire Primary)
  • Dual Fill Tray (ActivInspire Primary) 
  • Desktop Tools
  • Format Toolbar
  • Voting Wonderwheel
  • Dual Toolbox

For full details of the tools and functions provided in ActivInspire, see Reference > Tools.
For a summary of the tools and functions available in each menu and popup menu in ActivInspire, see
Reference > Menus and Popup Menus.

You can customize the Main Toolbox and Object Edit Toolbar to contain any combination of tools to suit your needs. For details, see Choosing your tools.

Main Toolbox - The Main Toolbox contains the following tools and menu items by default.

Pen Tray (ActivInspire Primary)

In ActivInspire Primay, some tools that are available in the Main Toolbox in ActivInspire Studio, are instead provided in the Pen Tray, for easy access by smaller learners.

The Pen Tray opens, when you click the Pen.  The Pen Tray contains the following tools.

Fill Tray (ActivInspire Primary)

The Fill Tray opens, when you on click the Fill Tool.  It contains:

  • A range of colors from which you can select the color for the Fill Tool
  • Some blank color slots on which you can right-click to pick or mix your own color.
Dual Fill Tray (ActivInspire Primary)
The Dual Fill Tray is identical to the Fill Tray, except for the tray color.

Dual Pen Tray (ActivInspire Primary)
The Dual Pen Tray contains the same tools as the Pen Tray, except for the Erasers.

Desktop Tools
Desktop Tools are available in the form of a "Wonderwheel" when you minimize ActivInspire.  It contains tools that can be used over the desktop.  Desktop Tools close automatically when you restore the ActivInspire window.

Format Toolbar
The Format Toolbar opens by default, whenever you work with the Text Tool.  You can also open the Format Toolbar from the Notes Browser.

You can access the following functions from the Format Toolbar:

Voting Wonderwheel

Dual Toolbox
The Dual Toolbox appears in the bottom left of the ActivInspire window by default.  You can pin or drag and drop the Dual Toolbox.  You cannot add or remove tools from this toolbox.

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