Interactive Whiteboard Installation Check List

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Interactive Whiteboard Installation Check List

Physical Board Mounting
  • Are the mounting brackets securely attached to the wall?
  • Are the mounting screws tightened properly?
Plate Mounting
  • Is the plate securely mounted to the wall?
Check Accessories
  • Pens
  • Eraser
  • Remote for Projector
  • VGA cable for Projector
  • USB cable
Check Connections
  • USB to box on back of board
  • Cat5 cable from box to wall
  • Cable connection from board to tray
Test Network Drop on Wall Plate
  • Check for connectivity from RJ-45 connection on wall plate with known-working laptop.
  • If no connectivity, check wiring closet to see if wire has been run.
  • If wire has been run, but not plugged into switch, plug into appropriate jack.
  • Make sure cable and jack have appropriate labels.
  • If no more jacks are available in switch, submit WRS ticket to Telecom.
  • If no wire has been run to wiring closet, contact Jennifer Valenti.
  • Turn on projector and check for correct alignment of projected image on board.
  • With software loaded on a laptop, perform calibration on board.
Software Test
  • Test operation of board using laptop. If a Macintosh computer will be used with this board, check the software on a Mac.
  • Open Web page and navigate through page using board.
  • Draw a straight line on the board.

Call Jennifer Valenti 557-2800 with any questions or problems.