The Floating Tools Toolbar

 The Floating Tools Toolbar

The features you use most are literally at your fingertips with the Floating Tools toolbar.

To launch the Floating Tools, press and hold the SMART Board icon in the Dock, and choose Open Floating Tools to launch the toolbar.

Customizing Floating Tools
Press the More button in Floating Tools and select Customize Floating Tools from the drop-down menu to launch the Customize Floating Tools dialog box.  You can choose as many buttons as you like to fully customize Floating Tools with the buttons you need.

You can also add certain buttons multiple times.  For example, if you are going to be using different shapes in your presentation, you can customize a number of Shape buttons and add them all to Floating Tools.

To add a button, for example the Stamp tool, to the Floating Tools complete the following steps.
  1. Press the More button in Floating Tools, and select Customize Floating Tools
  2. In the Customize Floating Tools dialog box, select the Stamp tool (look for the smiley face) from the Available Tools list (on the left side of the dialog box)
  3. Press the Add >> button to add the selected tool to the Current Toolbar menu
  4. Press OK and the selected tool will be added to the Floating Tools toolbar
  5. Repeat the process to add as many of the available tools as you like
Note:  To remove a tool, select a tool listed in the Current Toolbar, and press the << Remove button.  To restore the default Floating Tools, press the Restore Default Toolbar button.

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