How to clean a Smart Board

Cleaning and Preventing Damage to Your SMART BoardTM V280 Interactive Whiteboard’s Writing Surface

Applies to: The SMART BoardTM V280 interactive whiteboard Overview

With proper care, your SMART Board interactive whiteboard will provide years of trouble-free service.
This document describes how to clean and prevent damage to your SMART Board V280 interactive whiteboard’s writing surface.

Preventing Damage to the Writing Surface

Your SMART Board interactive whiteboard is durable. However, take care to prevent damaging the interactive screen and other parts of the product.

  • Do not touch the screen with sharp or pointed objects.

  • Do not leave adhesive tape on the writing surface for extended periods of time.

  • Avoid setting up and using your interactive whiteboard in an area with excessive dust, humidity or smoke.

    Cleaning Your SMART Board V280 Interactive Whiteboard

    Follow these tips to keep your interactive whiteboard clean.

  • To clean dust, dirt and finger grease, wipe the writing surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Use mild soap, if required.

  • If dry-erase markers are used on the interactive whiteboard, remove the ink as soon as possible. Dry-erase ink becomes more difficult to remove the longer it stays on the display surface.

  • Cover ink stains with Sanford® Expo® Whiteboard Cleaner (not low-odor whiteboard cleaner), and then rub the surface clean with paper towels.

  • If dry-erase ink remains on your interactive whiteboard for a long period of time, you might need to scrub the ink with Sanford Expo Whiteboard Cleaner for as long as five minutes. Although a faint residue might remain, it isn’t usually visible when the projector is on.

  • Remove persistent stains by rubbing a paste of baking soda and water on the screen surface.

  • The digital cameras located in each screen corner under the valance are protected from dust and dirt
    by protective windows. You only need to clean the camera windows if your interactive whiteboard is located in an extremely dusty environment. Rotate the valance upwards in its clips to clean the diagonal surfaces of the camera windows. Gently rub a soft, damp cloth or cotton-tipped swab on the windows.

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