How do I use the HTML Module? (Part 1: HTML Module Overview of the Rich Text Editor)

Part 1:  HTML Module, Overview of the Rich Text Editor (DNN for Beginners)

The HTML Module is the most widely used module on your website. This module is very flexible and is used for inserting text, images, tables, hyperlinks, document downloads, HTML code, etc. The interface looks and functions a lot like Microsoft Word.  You can also use the HTML module to insert code, such as script, iFrame code, or any other embedded code.

  • Hover the cursor over the 'Modules' menu option in the left-hand corner.  Add the HTML module to the web page.

Two Views Available:

  • Basic Text Box, allows text and HTML code

  • Click the Rich Text Editor, this is the default view and the most used view on the web pages.  HTML code can also be added.  Below is a screen-shot of the Rich Text Editor and some of it's functions.

Pasting Text in the HTML Module

  • Click 'Save'

For more information view Part 2:  HTML Module 'Adding Images', or visit TechHub!

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