Is there a module that you can plug in school announcements and be able to set a start/end date?

Adding the Announcements Module


Announcements Module:  Allows the user to add announcements, select a publish date, expiration date, and the user can add URL link or files.
  • Hover the cursor over the 'Module' menu option in the left-hand corner. 
  • Select 'All Categories'
  • Select 'Announcements Module'
  • Type in title
  • Select Pane Location
  • Add Module

  • Click on 'Add New Announcement'
  • Optional image, URL, or file can be placed in the announcement.  Make sure the image has been resized before adding otherwise it could fill your entire page.

  • Type in Title
  • Type in your announcement in the rich text editor.

Below find a screen-shot of adding an announcement.

  • Click Update

Removing the Publish Date:

  • Click on the settings of the module
  • Click 'Announcements Setting' Tab
  • Delete [PUBLISHDATE]
  • Click Update

Visit the Announcements Module on TechHub

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