What module do I use for PDF documents?

 The Document Module

The Documents Module produces a list of documents with links to view or download the document (depending on the user's browser settings). Documents can be located within the portal, or can be a link to another website or portal.

The document title, category, description, document owner, name of the user who created the document, the user who last updated the document, creation date, the date that the document was added or last updated, and the file size (internal documents only) are available for each listing. Link click tracking and logging are also available.

In the module settings page, you can configure the columns that are displayed, the column order and the sort order of the documents listed. 

*Please convert to PDF
  • Roll the cursor over the 'Module' drop-down menu
  • Select 'Documents'
  • Title the Module
  • Select the Pane Location

Module Initial View:

The Documents Module can be modified to display numerous fields.

Module Settings:
The following data can be added for each document record and can be optionally displayed.
  • Title:  The title given to the document.  This is the only mandatory field.
  • Description:  Description of the document
  • Category:  The category name given to the document.  This field can be optionally managed by a drop-down category list created by the Administrator.
  • Owner:  The Display Name of the document owner.  By default this is the name of the user who added the document however any user can be selected.

The following data is automatically recorded for each document and can be optionally displayed:

  • Modified Date:  The date when the document record was last modified
  • Size (Kb):  The file size of site documents.  Note:  The size of documents located on external resources (E.g. other websites) is not displayed.
  • Download:  A link to download the document
  • Created By:  The name of the person who first created the document record
  • Created Date:  The date when the document record was created
  • Modified By:  The name of the person who last modified the document record
  • Clicks:  Number of times the document record has been clicked
To modify settings:
  • Click on settings of the module

  • Under the Documents Module Settings tab the user can select which columns will be visible to the user and order.

*Note:  Most select 'Created Date' & 'Descending,' click 'Add Sort Order'

Adding Documents:
  • Click 'Add New Document'

Fill in the needed information based upon the columns chosen by the user to view.
  • Title the document
  • Description
  • Category (optional)
  • Sort Index (optional)

Once Upload New File is clicked a 'Browse' button will appear, allowing you to locate the file on the computer to be used.  It is strongly recommended to convert all files to PDF Files to allow easier viewing and downloading for users.

Once file has been found click on the 'Upload Selected File.'

  • If tracking is necessary click 'Track Number of Times Link is Clicked' along with 'Open Link in New Browser Window.'
  • Add a sort index if there is a certain order.
  • Click Update

Edit/Remove Documents:
  • To edit or remove a document, click on the edit icon in front of the document

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