Adding the WSC Banner Module


WSC_Banner Module:  Banner Module can be used for pictures, announcements, and connecting visually to another page within the site or an outside site.

  •  From the module drop-down add the ‘WSC_Banner’ module
  • Title the module
  • Select the Pane (BannerPane, BannerLeftWide, BannerRightWide)
  • Click ‘Add Module’



*When first added to the site the module is populated with photos and a link to the developers website. 


Selecting a Theme:

  • Click on ‘Theme Settings’ from the module drop-down menu
  • Select ‘Module Theme’ or leave on Default
  • Change the Width and Height depending on the pane used on the web page.   For example, 550 width and 330 height works for the BannerLeftWide or BannerRightWide.  An example can be found on Northwest HS website.

Manage Slides:

  • Click ‘Manage Slides’ from the module drop-down menu

  • Click to delete photos and links placed within the module
  • Click ‘Add New Slide’ or ‘Add Text Slide’


Add New Slide:

  • ‘Browse’ to find Image that has been resized to fit dimensions set in ‘Selecting a Theme’
  • Add ‘Title’
  • Optional to add a description
  • Optional to add URL
  •  Click ‘Save’

*Can create a PPT slide for school announcements:


·       First create the slide in PPT


·       File > Save As > JPEG


·       Resize the JPEG to fit the dimensions selected in ‘Theme Settings’


Add Text Slide: Only usable in certain Themes

  • Add ‘Title’
  • Add Text (Rich Text Editor available)
  • Click ‘Save’

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