Ultra Media Gallery Module


Adding the Module:
  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down
  • Select:  Ultra Media Gallery
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane
  • Add Module

  • 'Quick Preview' select presentation you prefer, please select or slick skip.  Do not stop here otherwise your page will not be viewable.

Select which presentation you prefer the Galleria/Classic are the most responsive:
  • SideNav
  • Galleria
  • RandomPosition
  • More can be found under the 'Presentation' tab once a style originally has been chosen and an album has been created.

Create Album:
  • Click 'Create album' (note you can create multiple albums)

  • Click + to Add Files (multiple photos can be added at once)
  • Click 'Upload'
  • Wait until you see that all have been uploaded before leaving this screen
  • Click 'Gallery' on toolbar to view work

Tool Bar Information

  • Gallery:  Returns to web page to view the Photo Album
  • My Work:  Shows the pictures uploaded and user is able to edit/delete

  • Upload:  Upload new photos
  • Approve:  Sometimes several individuals work on an album and may need one person to approve uploads
  • Manage:  Shows the pictures uploaded and user is able to edit/delete and change the sort order by dragging & dropping

  • Albums:  View album, edit/delete, sort, and 'Add New Album' so you may have multiple albums in the Ultra Media Gallery

  • Appearance:  Allows user to pick the transition between the photos and 'Auto Play' time between photos.  Appearance menu may change depending on which presentation category the user picks.

  • Settings:  Includes 4 tabs Basic, Presentation, Integration, and Advanced
    • Basic:  Details in screenshot below and the Default Upload can be changed

  • Presentation:  Pick the 'Presentation Category,' small fits better on the web pages and select the 'Presentation.'  The default Gallery size is shown.

  • Integration:  If you need an embedded code, popup window code, this is the area you would look in

  • Advanced:  If the user has added this to their own site nothing else is needed.  However, if an administrator adds it please make sure to click the person's name for 'View Permission' and 'Manage Roles.'  The user will not be able to edit the photo gallery unless permission is given.

  • Click Gallery to return to the page the module was added to.

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