CISS.SideMenu Module

*This module has replaced the SeoMenuModule on all DNN Sites that have been updated to V.6.0 and higher. 

Currently all Middle School and High Schools are utilizing this menu with the display style, 'CSS CU3ER Tree Menu.'

Adding the Module:

  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select CISS.SideMenu
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane - Traditionally menus are placed in the Left Side Panes
  • Add Module

Configure the Module:

The module will automatically display all 'Parent' pages that are not hidden in the menu when added to a page.
  • Click on the CISS.SideMenu Settings

  • Click on the CISS.SideMenu Settings Tab

Staff can modify the look and feel of the menu; along with designate which pages to display.

Selecting the Pages to Display:

To display a specific set of pages within the menu, use the drop-down menu next to Deep.  Locate the 'Parent Page' of the group.

Adding the Menu to the Child Pages:

To add the module to the child pages, navigate to the 'Child' page and select 'Add an Existing Module.' 
**Note the reason for using the 'Add Existing Module' option is that the module will retain all of the settings that were created on the 'Parent' Page Menu.

  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select 'Add Existing Module'
  • Select the 'Parent' Page
  • Select the 'Menu' module
  • Select the 'Pane'
  • Click 'Add Module'

The same process will need to be done on each 'Child' Page.

Hidden Pages:

There are times when pages are set to not appear in the Menu.  This is done on the Page Settings, in which the 'Include in Menu' is unchecked.

In order to display these pages, 'Show Hidden Pages' will need to be checked.

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