Ultra Flash Player

Ultra Flash Player
This module allows a Photo-Slideshow for the web pages.  The module allows direct upload of pictures and utilizes flash so it is not visible on mobile devices.

Adding the Module:
  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select:  Ultra Flash Player
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane
  • Add Module

  • Click Flash Settings

  • Selected:  Flash numeric rotator for play mode
  • Click 'Next' in the lower right-hand corner

  • Set 'Flash Width'
  • Set 'Flash Height'
  • Optional - set 'Flash Background Color'
  • Set 'Flash Align'
  • Select 'Flash wmode option'
  • Optional can change 'Rotator Interval (sec)'
  • Optional 'Image Title Height'
  • 'Text Align'
  • Click 'Next'

  • Select File Location
  • Upload New File
  • Browse (to find file0
  • Open
  • Upload New File
  • Add a Title
  • Optional:  Link to URL, Page on site, or a File
  • Click 'Add File'

Optional:  If there is a file of images available the user can load an entire file and not each one separately.  This feature is found underneath 'Add File.'

  • Click 'Next'

  • Click 'Finish' and if the user would like to change settings re-click on 'Flash Settings'

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