Translucent Module

Translucent Module

The module is a jQuery Banner Rotator/Slideshow with translucent background set for caption.  Supports touch swipe navigation for iPad and Android tablets.  Click to see examples.


  • 4 Transition effects to choose:  Move, Fade, Slide In, Slide Out
  • 2 different kind of touch swipe/throw transitions (move & slide out)
  • Adjustable transition speed
  • Auto Play option with Fixed & Individual slide delay times


  • Adjustable Button Color, Opacity, Size, Margin and Spacing
  • Show / Hide the buttons: Next, Back, Number Buttons and Timer Clock – Play Pause
  • Show number buttons horizontally or vertically
  • Possible to show Number buttons permanently instead of auto hiding


  • Caption text can be aligned bottom (default) or set custom position (float mode)
  • Enable / disable caption text selection
  • Individually adjustable Caption Width, Height and Position
  • Adjustable Caption border size, color and opacity
  • Adjustable Caption Padding, Margin, bg color, bg opacity, bg radius and bg shadow opacity.
    (The bg color, opacity, shadow and few other parameters helps to achieve good visibility of caption addition to the translucent background).

Touch Sensitivity

  • Adjustable drag & drop factor (in pixel values)
  • Adjustable throw factor (in pixels)

Adding the Module:

  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select Translucent
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane
  • Add Module 

  • Click 'Profile Basic Settings'

  • Determine Width & Height
  • Select Layout 'Fixed' or 'Responsive'
  • Click 'Save'

  • Click to upload images

  • Click either 'Batch Upload' or 'Select Files' to choose one or more files to upload

  • Once uploaded the following screen will open, add a description for the 'Caption'
  • Click 'Finish'

  • Returns to Manage Images view - can add more images, edit, replace, or delete images
  • Click 'Back to the gallery' to see web page

View on the web page and with adding more pictures creates a slide show.

  • Optional to click Global Settings to change caption look, button, and transitions

Global Settings include the following;
  • General Options
  • Button Options
  • Caption Options
  • Click 'Save'

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