Ken Burn Module allows pictures with descriptions to be viewed on the web page utilizing the Ken Burns Effect. The module does have a feature that allows embedding YouTube videos, however at this time the function is unavailable.
Link to Ken Burn Demo

  • Add the 'Ken Burn' module
  • Title the module
  • Select the Pane
  • Click 'Add Module'
  • Click 'Profile Basic Settings'

Ken Burn Module

  • Determine Width & Height
  • Select Layout 'Fixed' or 'Responsive'
  • Click 'Save'

Responsive:  Layout adapts depending on the size of the device being used to view your site
Fixed:  Does not change
  • Click to upload images

  • Click ether 'Batch Upload' or 'Select Files' to choose one or more files to upload

Once uploaded the following screen will open:

  • Add 'Caption Title'
  • Optional 'Title Position'
  • Optional 'Description'
  • Animation
  • Module does allow Embedded Video from YouTube, however at this time the feature is not available.

  • Numerous 'Animations' are available from the drop-down
  • Below each photo settings can be set for each photo it can have its own start/end position, transition, zoom, and pan
  • Click 'Finish' to save

  • Click 'Back to the gallery' to return to the web page

  • To 'Manage Images' and 'Global Settings' click on the drop-down from the module

Global Settings:

  • Brings the user back to the 'Width & Height'
  • Appearance Options are also available
  • Click 'Save' when finished

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