Image Module


Image Module:  This module is used for adding images and URL links to images.  The module allows adding width and height for desired image size.

Note:  Images need to be resized before loading them into this module

  • Roll cursor over 'Modules' and select 'Image'
  • Add title
  • Select pane location
  • Click 'Add Module'

  • Click either on 'Edit Image Options' from the drop-down or at the bottom of the module
  • Find your staff folder from the drop-down
  • Click 'Upload New File' if image is not already in the folder

  • Click 'Choose File'
  • Browse out to computer to find resized image to upload and select
  • Click 'Upload Selected File'

  • Add 'Alternate Text'
  • Add 'Width & Height'
  • Click 'Update'

  • Click 'Edit Image Options' if a few changes are needed

Using the URL Link Option:
  • Obtain the image URL Address
  • Insert the URL Address
  • Add 'Alternate Text'
  • Add 'Width'
  • Add 'Height'

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