Step 4: Creating the Web Page for a New User Account using the Template

New User Account:
  1. Create Security Role
  2. Create File
  3. Register User, or create user account
  4. Create Web Page
Create Web Page:
  • Hover cursor over Pages
Using the Template:
  • Add Title
  • Insert and from drop-down select TeacherPageTemplate_Generic
  • Select Insert After, Before, Child of
  • Select Page
  • Click 'Add Page'
  • Stay on Added Page
  • From the Pages drop-down select 'Page Settings'
Select the 'Page Details' tab and copy page name, paste page name in:
  • Page Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Click 'Update Page'
Connecting Page Permissions:
  • Roll cursor over Admin > Select Page Management
  • Find the page and click on it

Look across at the permissions and check 'View Page' and 'Edit Page' from the security roles listed under permissions.
Scroll down and click 'Update Page' at the bottom.

Page is available for the new user.
Template Includes:
  • Image
  • Contact Info
  • Biography
  • Academics


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