Step 2: Creating a File for a New User Account

 New User Account:
  1. Create Security Role
  2. Create File
  3. Register User, or create user account
  4. Create Page

Create File:
  • Hover over Admin and click 'File Management'
  • Click on 'Root' to open the folders
  • Click on Staff Folders (not just the + in front of it)
  • Click on the folder with a + to add a folder
  • Type in the textbox the Security Role (T_LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME)
  • Click 'Save'
Click on the new folder:
  • Right Click on the Folder
  • Click 'View Folder Properties'
  • Click on 'Permissions Tab'
  • Find the Security Role created and check 'Open Files in Folder', 'Browse Files in Folder', and 'Write to Folder.'


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