Changing a teacher's name in DNN

Staff members have the ability to go into their profile and update their display name if they would like. As an administrator for the site, you could also go in and update the last name. Note that updating the display name does not update the username, security roles, or files, only the admin. can do this.

Staff Members:
  • Upper right-hand corner click on user name
  • Profile will open
  • Click 'Edit Profile'
  • Able to edit Display Name, Email Address, change password,


User Account:

  • Roll cursor over Admin drop-down menu select 'User Accounts'
  • Edit User Accounts by clicking on the pencil in front of the account
  • Able to change User Name, Display Name, Email Address, manage the security roles, profile, and password
File Name Change:
  • Roll cursor over Admin drop-down menu select 'File Management'
  • Click on the staff members name, right click and select 'Rename Folder'


  • From the individual page roll your cursor over the page drop-down and click 'Page Settings' then change page name, page title, description, and keywords (or from Admin>Page Management)
  • Click 'Update'

Security Roles:

  • Admin>Security Roles
  • Click on the pencil in front of the name to edit the name
  • Under 'Basic Setting' tab, change the role name then 'Update'

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