Displaying Photos or Videos in Live Content

Live Content is an ultimate content presentation module that can show Pictures, Videos, DNN Modules, Audio, Content, Flash, and External Content. It supports Multilingual Content, AJAX Uploads, Automatic Video Encoding, Automatic Thumbnails, Dynamic Image Resizing, Themes, Templates, and much more...

Live Content is also integrated with YouTube, and Google Analytics.

  1. Prairie Wind - featured videos on the bottom
  2. Liberty
To Begin:
  • Add the 'Live Content' module from the module drop-down
  • Title the module
  • Select the Pane
  • Click 'Add Module'

Quick Start:
  • Begin by clicking on Add Element
  • The user can add any element by selecting the appropriate icon
  • Make sure to click on Update Tab to update changes

  • Specify Element Source
    • Upload
    • Browse Server
    • Internet URL
Note:  You will not see the above options if you are adding eContent,  eModule, or eFrame element.  Instead, you will be asked to either Author Content (eContent), Select a Module (eModule), or provide Internet URL (eFrame) then,

Specify Thumbnail Source.
  (You will not see the Specify Thumbnail Source if you are adding ePicture element since the thumbnail is created from the Picture Source itself.)

after that, Specify Properties

Then simply click on browse button (in case of Upload Source) select one or many items and click on open which redirects you to specific properties page.  After setting properties to specific element click on Add.  That's it you added your first element.

Editing an Element
  • Click on the edit element icon (pencil) to edit the element

Deleting an Element
  • Click on the trash icon below each element
Sorting Elements
  • Simply click on the drag handles (or image borders) and drag the element to a new position.  This works if the Drag and Drop option is selected in Settings>Basic (Sort By) Option 

For further information please find the vendor link below: 

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