What is the SpeedyApp Responsive Tabs and how do I use it on my website?

SpeedyApp Responsive Tab 2

SpeedyApp Responsive Tabs 2

This module allows the user to custom build tabs by adding Tab Title background and font color, Selected Tab colors, Tab Hover colors, and Border colors.  Basically each tab has a HTML module built-in to add information.  Very easy to use!


Adding the Module:

·      Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu

·      Select ‘SpeedyApp Responsive Tabs 2’

·      Title Module

·      Select Pane

·      Add Module

·      Click ‘Settings’

·      Click on the ‘SpeedyApp Responsive Tabs 2 Settings’ tab

 Note:  When updating or saving a tab it will default to the ‘Module Settings’ tab and the user will need to re-click on the ‘SpeedyApp Responsive Tabs 2 Settings’ to continue.

Notice all the custom options available for the user.  If desired the user is able to paste a HTML color code in to each option.

·      Tab Title Background and Font Color

·      Selected Tab Background and Font Color

·      Tab Hover Background and Font Color

·      Space Between Tabs

·      Tab Border Size, Color, and Style

To Create Tabs:

1.     Type in Tab Title

2.     Type in Tab Information

3.     Click ‘Insert Tab’

Once tab is added, the user will see the tab information directly below the ‘Insert Tab’.  The user is able to move the tab up or down, click ‘Select’ in front of the tab wanting to edit.  Once finished, editing click ‘Update Tab’ beside ‘Insert Tab’ and click ‘Update’.

To change colors, add tabs, rearrange, or delete click on settings of the module and click on ‘SpeedyApp Responsive Tabs 2 Settings’ tab.

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