"How-To" Guide for beginning Promethean Board & ActivInspire Users

  • Acts as the mouse
  • Need to keep contact with the board (Especially when you click and drag objects)
  • Right-click usually pops up a menu
  • Do not old button except to right-click

The Red X - what do I do?
  • USB, wait for the ding


Tip:  If your pens are acting funky calibrate!

The Dashboard:

Options on the right change depending on the tool you choose on the right

  • Click the Close button to start with a new/blank flip chart
  • Click on Flipcharts to open a saved flipchart (most recently used flipcharts will be listed on the right)
  • Click on Promethean Planet to go to their website
  • Click Annotate over the Desktop to display your computers desktop and the ActivInspire Toolbar allowing you to annotate whatever you have on your desktop (Word Doc, Image, website, etc.).  
  • Import PowerPoint or Smart Notebook files as images on flipcharts by clicking appropriate button
  • Express Pole opens up the tool that allows students to answer quick on the fly questions using the ActivVote or ActivExpression Devices
  • Configure tools for setting up ActivVote and Expression Devices, managing profiles, and software updates

ActivInspire Window:

Check out features under all four tabs:

User Defined Buttons:


Note:  Do not browse to another folder to save a profile.  Use the Save buttons (disks).

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