Part 1:  Live Tabs Module

Part 2:  Live Tabs Module Options

Live Tabs Module is used for reducing clutter by combining modules together, adding multiple tabs to each tab, allow paging which allows easier navigation, adds a clean, crisp, professional look to your site.
  • Add the module 'Live Tabs' from the module menu
  • Click 'Manage Tabs' to configure

  • Type in tab name, click 'Add Tab'
  • Repeat process for each tab

When a tab is created it will provide a Text HTML to add information.  Users may ue this without adding a module.  NOTE:  IF YOU USE THE TEXT WITHIN THE LIVE TABS MODULE AND YOU DELETE A TAB YOUR INFORMATION IS GONE.  Another option is to add text and a module, this allows for stacking if desired.

Adding Content:  Select edit behind the tab desired to work on, in the following screen-shots edit was selected for 'Add Live Tabs'
  • Click on the pencil behind the tab to be edited
  • Select 'Content' tab
  • Select 'Module' tab on the right
  • Select the 'Module' click 'Add Module'
  • Click 'Update Tab'
  • Click 'Back' to see page

Change the Tab Name:

  • Click on the pencil to edit the 'Tab'
  • Click 'Settings' tab
  • Rename Tab Name
  • Click 'Update Tab'

Tab Options: 
There are many styles available, select 'Options' from the drop-down menu


  • Tab Mode:  Default, Advanced, SQL Query, and RSS Feeds
  • Set Width & Height


  Set tabs to the top, left, right, or bottom, and add a theme to add color


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