Live Accordion

Live Accordion Module:  What is it?

Live Accordion is a content management solution.  It can show text/html, modules or combination of both within a pane.

Three panes represented with the second pane expanded. Please visit the web page to see the Live Accordion in action.

  • Add the Live Accordion module from the Module drop-down menu.
  • Click pencil icon 'Edit'
  • Select 'Manage Panes'

  • Type in Pane Name
  • Click 'Add Pane', or hit return on the keyboard

Various options available for each pane created:
  • HTML Text
  • Add HTML Text and a module
  • Add a module
  • Link to another URL

When a pane is created it will provide a Text HTML to add information.  Users may use this without adding a module.  NOTE:  IF YOU USE THE TEXT WITHIN THE LIVE ACCORDION  MODULE AND YOU DELETE A PANE YOUR INFORMATION IS GONE. 

To Add Content:  Click on the pencil icon behind the pane and add text, a module, or both. 

To Change Pane Titles:  Click on the pencil icon followed by the settings tab, update pane.

To Create a New Look to the Live Accordion:  Click on the pencil icon 'Edit' and 'Options'

Basic View Options

Advance View Options

Theme View Options will add color to your Live Accordion

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