Form and List Module

Form and List (formerly called User Defined Table) is a rich module for creating/managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc.  In other words it allows the user to define a table (a group of columns or fields) that has the capability to store and display records. 

Adding the Module:

  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select ‘Form and List’
  •  Title Module
  • Select Pane (suggest Right Wide Pane)
  • Add Module

Form and List Configuration:

  •  Click ‘Configuration’

 The following Schema Definition will display:

Four system columns are automatically created for every List and Form instance:  Created by, Created at, Changed by and Changed at.  All four columns are required by Form and List for tracking records.  These columns can be renamed but they cannot be deleted.  By default, these columns do not display to users unless ‘Display on List’ is enabled.

Listed just below the columns, the Privacy setting is enabled by default.  If you would like to keep the data stored in the Form and List instance from appearing to users searching with DNN portal search function, keep this setting enabled.  When Form and List is used in form mode to collect info from users that is not intended for display to any other users, enabling Privacy keeps the data secure.

Adding New Columns:

  • Choose Data Type
  • Set whether it is ‘Required’, ‘Display on List’, ‘Restricted Form Field’, and ‘Searchable’, by enabling or disabling the property checkbox.
  • Click ‘Save Configuration and Return’ once all columns are defined
  • Now on table simply click ‘Add New Record’

Example One (set-up for each following screenshot):  Health and Services

Form and List used for Health Services Forms

Column Set-up for the Health Services Forms:

  • Add Form and List Module to web page
  • Click configuration (either from the module or the drop-down)
  • Click ‘Add New Column’

Columns added to Example:

1.     Title ‘Sort Numb’, Type ‘Integer’, unchecked everything, ‘Save’

2.     Title ‘Form’, Type ‘Text’, checked only ‘Display on List’

3.     Title ‘Description of Form’, Type ‘Text’, checked only ‘Display on List’

4.     Title ‘Link’, Type ‘URL’, checked only ‘Display on List’ (see next screenshot for URL link to PDF image)

5.     Click ‘Save Configuration and Return’ when finished

Screenshot for URL Link

  • Image for PDF needs to be loaded into a folder on the website
  • Open image from folders and retrieve the URL address
  • Type in ‘Link Caption’  <img src=”your URL address”alt=View Menu/>
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Save Configuration and Return’

Form and List is configured and ready to use!

  • Click ‘Add New Record’

  • Add ‘Sort Number’
  • Add ‘Form’ Title
  • Add ‘Description’
  • Add ‘Link’ select ‘File’ because the user set it up for PDF and forms
  • Upload PDF
  • Select ‘Open in New Window’
  • Click ‘Update’

Example Two:  Northwest HS

Form and List Configuration screenshot:

‘Form and List’ allows the user to create their own table, example three below uses a template.  If interested contact the to have it added to your site.

Fullerton Example

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