How do you create a page template & add to a new page?

How to Create a Page Template

Creating a New Template:

  • First add the modules on a web page with/without content to create the desired page template. (Creating page templates can copy just the module layout, or it can include module layout with content.)
  • Under Pages > Select the ‘Export’ option

Note:  If you would like the users (non-admins) to add the page templates themselves, the permissions on the 'Template' folder need to be set to 'All Users'

  • Name the Template
  • Add a description
  • You can include the content, but for creating a blank generic template, leave the 'Include Content' box unchecked.
  • Click 'Export' button to save your template

  • When saved successfully you should see the following message

Now you are ready to create a new page using the page template.

Using the Template:

  •  Create your page from the drop-down
  • Add Title
  • Insert and from drop-down select your created template (TeacherPageTemplate_Generic) 

  • Select Insert After, Before, Child of
  • Select Page
  • Click Add Page

  • Stay on Added Page
  • From the Pages drop-down select Page Settings 

Copy and Paste Page Name:

  • Page Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Permissions Tab (Connect to the new “Security Role” created for this person.)
  • Click Update

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