File Links Module

The File Links module displays a list of files and folders allowing the end users to easily view and/or download the items.


Adding the Module:

  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select ‘File Links’
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane
  •  Add Module

Configure the Module:

  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Click on the ‘Permission’ tab.  Permissions set by the page administrator and useful if only certain role groups should be allowed to view/use the module.  By default the module will be visible to all groups, by inheriting page permissions.

  • To change the users that have the ability to view or upload documents to the file folder, uncheck the ‘Inherit View Permissions’ from page.  Designate specific functions to the roles below.
    •  View Module – allows users the ability to see and download any of the files.  Commonly used for all users.
    • Upload/Delete – allows users the ability to add their own documents to the folder.  These permissions should be used for Administrators only.

File Links Settings - The File Links Module is designed to show all files located in a specific folder.  If you are looking to upload a few documents, please look at the Links Module.

  • Click on the ‘File Links Settings’ tab
  •  ‘Select Folder’ you wish to display
  • Click ‘Update’ when finished

Adding FilesIf the folder has had files uploaded to it from the Files Manager, then all documents will be visible immediately. 

If files are needed, the admin can upload documents in two locations: 

  • ‘File Manager’ located in the Common Tasks
  • Module ‘Add Files’


Adding Files from Module:

  • Click ‘Add Files’

  • Click ‘Select Files’
  • Once the file is found, the upload will begin immediately.  If it is successful click on the ‘Return’ URL link.

  •  File is now visible for users

Adding Files from File Manager – If the admin has permission to view the File Manager, they can add from this location.

  • Click ‘File Manager’

  • Select ‘File Folder’ for uploading documents
  • Click the ‘Upload’ icon (File will automatically appear on the page which the File Links module is located.)

Modifying the Template – There may be a need to limit the columns that display to the user.  If the admin only wished to display the Name of the File/Size of File and the Download icon the following steps can be done to style the template.

  • Click on File Link Module ‘Settings’
  • Click on the ‘File Links Settings’ tab
  • Click ‘File Template’
  • Copy this syntax into the Header and Item text fields.  *Delete the text that is currently displayed before posting.



<table width="100%"><tr>

<td class="NormalBold">Name</td>

<td class="NormalBold" width="150px">Date Modified</td>

<td class="NormalBold" width="100px">Size</td></tr>




<td class="Normal">[DELET

E]<img src="[ICONURL]" align="absmiddle" /> <a href="[LINK]"[ISFILE]


<td class="Normal">[DATEMODIFIED]</td>

<td class="Normal">[ISFILE][SIZE] KB[/ISFILE]</td>


User will now only view the three columns.

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