FAQ's Module

FAQs Module

The FAQs module is very easy to use.  Just add the module to your page and click ‘Add New FAQ’ then type the question in the first text box and the answer to the question in the second text box.  Questions go into the box and when someone clicks on the question, the answer appears.

Adding the Module:

  • Roll cursor over Module to show drop-down menu
  • Select ‘FAQs’
  • Title Module
  • Select Pane
  • Add Module

  • Click ‘Manage Categories’ if the user desires categories for questions otherwise click ‘Add New FAQ’


Optional Manage Categories:

  • Click ‘Add New’ and add as many categories as is needed for module. (Only displays categories if the user goes into the settings of the module and adds the tokens.)

  • Type in ‘Category Name’
  • Add ‘Category Description’
  • Click ‘Update’

Add New FAQ:

  • Click ‘Add New FAQ’

FAQs Module Example, the question shows on the page and the user will click on the question to reveal the answer as shown below in Q1.

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