OPS Step 3: Creating a Facebook Account


Creating a Facebook Account


1. Go to facebook.com and sign up for an account. When you are finished filling out every

field, click the green Sign Up button.

2. Facebook will now walk you through a series of steps to set up your account. We are

going to skip them for now, but you'll be able to fill in this information later.

When the Find your friends section appears, click on Skip this step at the bottom-right.

3. A pop-up window will ask if you really want to skip this step. Click the grey Skip button.

4. On the Fill Out Info section, click the skip link on the bottom-right on the screen. You can choose to fill out this information later.

5. Since there is no good way to search for school or education-related information to Like, click on the Skip link on the bottom-right of the screen.

6. If you have an easy way to upload a photo or take one with a webcam, feel free to do so. Otherwise, click on the Skip link on the bottom-right to skip this last step.

7. After the last step in your profile setup, you will be taken to your timeline. A message appears on the top of the screen that asks you to check your email to complete the sign- up process.

8. In your inbox, you will receive an email that looks similar to this one. Instead of clicking on the link to confirm your account, we are going to enter a confirmation code. The reason for this is that the confirmation link does not always work, but entering the confirmation code works every time.

9. Go back to your web browser and click on the Enter Code link near the top of the page:

10. When the confirmation window pops-up, enter the confirmation code from your email and click the blue Confirm button.

11. If you typed the code correctly, the following message will display. Click the blue Okay button to proceed.

12. Notify your social administrator that you have created your account so that he or she can make you the manager of your page.

13. After your social administrator has added you as a manager or content creator, you will see a notification inviting you to become an admin of your page. Click on the notification.

14. When the screen changes to show your invites, click on the Accept button to become the admin for your page.

15. The invite will change to show that you accepted the invitation to be an admin for your page. To start using your page, log out of facebook and log back in.

See OPS Step 4:  Adding a Staff Member as Content Creator or Manager

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