OPS Step 1: Creating a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page


1. Log in to Facebook with your Social Admin account:


Note: This should be the Facebook account associated with your OPS email account.

2. Click on the gear icon on the far right of the screen.

3. Click on Create Page.


Note: Since social admins are the only staff that will create Facebook pages, this documentation shows a school SocAdmin creating a page for a staff member.

4. Click on the icon that says Company, Organization or Institution

5. For Category, choose School or Education.


6. For Company Name, enter the name of the class or organization.


7. Select the checkbox that says I agree to Facebook Pages Terms.


8. Click the Get Started button.

9. Type in a description (the teacher can change this later).


10. Enter the web address for the school webpage.

11. If the teacher has a Twitter account, click Add Another Site and enter the web address for that account.

12. Click Yes to the two questions.

13. Press the Save Info button.

14. Press the Skip button for the next three steps. The teacher will be able to fill in this information later.

15. The new page has been created.

Please see OPS Step 2:  Recommended Facebook Page Settings


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