OPS SMART Board Basics Class

Intro. to SMART Board Agenda

Set up:

1. Hardware Connections

  • USB cable from computer to SMART Board
  • Video cable from computer to projector

2. Software installed: must be loaded on computer to communicate with SMART Board

  • Or use the install disk that came with the SMART Board
  • You will need an Activation Code

3.  Check ready light on SMART Board:

  • Red = connecting, not ready
  • Green = connected, ready to go
  • Yellow = problem. See User's Guide

4. Help Center: for excellent help topics. Look here first.

  • Some problems can be solved with a Power Reset. Push the tip of a pen tray pen into the Power Reset button on side of whiteboard no longer than 3 seconds.
5.  Orient the SMART Board
  • From the SMART Board: Press and hold the Keyboard and Control-click button simultaneously or: hold down the ? button on pen tray
  • From the computer: SMART Board Tools > Start Center > Control Panel > Orient/Align the SMART Board
  • Press finger in middle of red crosses, starting at top left corner. Note: it is where you lift your finger off the board that is remembered, not where you start the touch

Using the SMART Board

1.  Your finger is your mouse.

  • Pressing your finger on the SMART Board is the same as clicking with a mouse
  • Double press is the same as double click with a mouse
  • Click and drag with your finger

2.  Pen Tray: using the four pens and eraser

  • Choose a color pen, write on board (digital, not actual marker)
  • Or pick up a pen, but use your finger, works the same
  • Replace pen, pick up eraser

  • Remember to return items to their tray slots

3.  Pen Tray Buttons: a. ? button

  • Keyboard button brings up digital keyboard
  • Right Click button. Click once, next touch on screen shows a right click menu.

SMART Board Tools: 
(works in most any applications)

1. Click on the SMART Board icon in the Dock, if it does not appear, look in Finder > Applications > SMART Board Software > SMART Board Tools.


SMART Notebook:

1.  Open SMART Board tools

2.  On floating toolbar > Click on Notebook button (the following items are shown in class)

  • Previous page, next page, etc.
  • Screen Shade
  • Full Screen
  • Dual Page Mode
  • Screen Capture
    • Full Screen
    • Selected area
  • Document Camera (Elmo, AverMedia, etc.)
  • Table
  • Pens
  • Presentation Pen (disappearing ink)
  • Creative Pen
  • Eraser
  • Lines, Shapes
  • Shape Recognition Pen
  • Fill
  • Text

3.  To see button names:  right-click (control-click on Mac) in the gray area of the upper tool bar and choose from the following: 

8.  Gallery (Content ready to use)

  • Open and browse the files already installed:
    • Gallery Sampler
    • Essentials for Educators

  • If you cannot find materials you want click on "Online Essentials for Educators" which will take you to the website where you can easily download free content in all curricular areas.  Click on "Lesson Activities"

  • The website will open and activity file downloads are quick

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